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San Tan Hawks And Great Minds Building Knowledge Together.

Dedicated to sparking the joy of teaching and learning through high-quality curricula.

We’re looking forward to helping your students and teachers alike reach their highest potential through deep engagement with top-rated curricula from Great Minds®. We champion a positive academic culture and embrace high expectations for all.

Together, we will discover how students, families, teachers, neighboring educators - and the education community at large - benefit from a school that sets high expectations and uses high-quality curricula.

Our Shared Mission

Our goal is to empower all students to achieve greatness in both personal and academic growth through knowledge-building curricula that foster student discourse, inquiry, and a sense of wonder.

We believe every child is capable of greatness.

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About Us

We improve education in Grades Prekindergarten through 12 by supporting teachers with best-in-class curriculum materials as well as implementation products and services for math, English language arts, science, history, and other subjects. Best-in-class curriculum is knowledge building and coherent and uses research-based instructional methods that are proven to work for all learners, including students reading below grade level, students with dyslexia, and multilingual learners.

Our Impact

Eureka Math

Eureka Math® teaches students the underlying concepts of math—the why, not just the how. Students learn multiple strategies and models to solve problems, rather than tricks or mnemonic devices to pass a test. Schools that utilize the full curriculum resources detailed below have seen remarkable gains in student achievement and engagement.

Eureka Math exhibits unparalleled rigor throughout the grades. Students develop conceptual understanding and practice procedural skills and fluency. 


PhD Science

PhD Science®  is a phenomenon-based K–5 curriculum in which students’ natural curiosity drives the learning as they build enduring knowledge about the real world and its everyday wonders. Classrooms transform into a place of exploration as students learn to think and act like real scientists. Three-dimensional teaching and learning are at the heart of the curriculum.

Students explore rich, authentic phenomena through observation, questioning, modeling, investigation, and evidence based argumentation. They’ll uncover Disciplinary Core Ideas by engaging in Science and Engineering Practices and applying the lens of Cross-Cutting Concepts.


Wit & Wisdom

Wit&Wisdom® is a comprehensive K–8 curriculum that approaches English language arts instruction holistically. 

Wit&Wisdom leads students to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary, and language skills in concert. Students are invited to read content rich and complex texts that will build their knowledge of important topics as they master literacy skills. The selected core texts provide a careful balance of literary, informational, and fine art content.


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